The following articles are a collection of local time related publications:

  1. Continuity of local time for Levy processes 
  2. Continuity of local time for markov processes
  3. Joint continuity of local time for markov process
  4. Large deviation of local time for levy processes
  5. Limit theorem and variation properties for fractional derivatives of the local time of a stable process
  6. Local time of markov processes approximated by a generalized iterated brownian motion
  7. Local time for Markov processes
  8. local time and related properties of multidimensional iterated brownian motion
  9. Occupation densities
  10. On the barlow yor inequality of local time
  11. Semi-martingale inequality and local time
  12. Unbounded local time
  13. Two parameter p,q variation path and integration of local time
  14. Generalized Itǒ Formulae and Space-Time Lebesgue–Stieltjes Integrals of Local Times